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=Rides for Sale @ Kiddie Rides South Africa=

We have a wide range of exciting KIDDIE RIDES FOR SALE. Here are the options!

1. Coin operated kiddie rides:

Should you be interested in purchasing coin operated kiddie rides, we offer the following types:

A: Imported Chinese rides – phone in for a list of what we currently have available.

B: Locally produced rides- these rides are of a higher quality than the Chinese rides and the fiberglass is impregnated with colour as opposed to being painted. Each ride is made up specifically to your order specification and is therefore unique. We have a range of 13 different ride types that we produce including an Elephant, Cartoon Car, Pony, Dolphin, Speed Boat, Mickey Mouse, Tug Boat, Tractor, Horse, Formula 2, SA Taxi, Helicopter and Tinki Train (as seen below).

Kids rides for sale!

C: Imported Italian rides- Producer, Cogan is a family company just like us and all of their components are made and assembled in Italy. These are our flagship rides. Have a look at the Cogan website ( or contact us for more information on this product.

Cogan Kiddie Rides

2. Party hire kiddie rides:
Should you want to purchase a party hire ride for your own party hire operation but do not want to go for the franchise option, we sell our locally produced rides and Chinese rides with fitted push buttons.

3. Figurines: If your play school, shopping mall, hairdressing salon or small business needs a colourful attraction that is both hardy for the kids and UV resistant we have just the product for you. Our figurines can be mounted on static bases, rocking bases, spring bases or hairdressing chairs

Car figurenes for sale.Elephant toys for sale

Rocking horses for sale

Please contact us for more information on prices should you be interested in purchasing from us.


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